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Welcome To Ojas Tarmake's World Of Bitumen

Today in this fast moving and developing world, Infrastructure is the key behind every country’s foundational and economic growth and to hinder foreign investments. Roads form a key to this infrastructural development and we at Ojas Tarmake Ltd. are just putting in our small contribution for this developmental process.

Bitumen is the key product used for construction of roads. Bitumen also known as road tar has many other uses apart from being used for construction of roads and platforms. It is also used as a prime product for waterproofing and its by-products are again used in various industries.

We at Ojas Tarmake Ltd. are manufacturing various grades of bitumen and its allied products which are basically used in following works mentioned below,

For civil engineering works

  1. Constructions of roads, runways and platforms.
  2. Water proofing to prevent water seepage.
  3. Mastic floorings for factories and godowns.
  4. Canal lining to prevent eroding.
  5. Dump-proof courses for masonry.
  6. Joint filling material for mason


  1. Electrical cables and junction boxes.
  2. Battery manufacturers as sealing compound.
  3. Paint industries for manufacturing black paints and anti corrosive paints.
  4. Ceramic industries.
  5. Printing inks.
  6. Water proof papers.
  7. Electrical capacitors.
  8. Bituminous felts.
  9. Bituminous grease for lubricating open gears.

Ojas World of Bitumen is committed to give its client the best of products with quality control measures and always aims at customer satisfaction and requirements.

As it is wisely said that Success is a journey and not a destination and we at Ojas Tarmake Ltd. would make sure that your path towards success is made with our products which would ultimately lead your way towards your ultimate destination.