About Us

Commenced in the year 2002 Ojas Tarmake Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of construction solutions in India with latest innovations and technological advancement. We partner you to provide sustainable construction solutions for roads, bridges, highways, airports, racetracks, buildings, hotels and more.

Humble beginnings to a glorious future

Ojas Tarmake was founded in 2002 with a small bitumen manufacturing plant in Vadodara. With a continuous and significant growth in the past more than 20 years Ojas Tarmake has competitively positioned itself as the manufacturer, supplier and trader of all construction solutions in India.

Our vision

To be the most reliable, competitive, and innovative company in the construction industry.

Our core values

We aim to conduct our businesses in a manner that is respectful to all. We achieve this by aligning our goals with our five core values with customer value being our top focus.